Russian Translating Services

Interpreting and translating services offered by the US citizen, native speaker form Russia, located in San Diego, California and Anchorage, Alaska

RUSSIAN TRANSLATING offers friendly, expert, certified translation services featuring competent, seamless Russian to English and English to Russian translations. These bilingual translation services will assist you in attaining a higher level of open understanding and facilitate foreign relations with your international counterparts.

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If your international meeting is going to be held in any of the other state:

    Alabama Arizona Arkansas Colorado
    Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
    Hawaii Idaho Indiana Iowa
    Illinois Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
    Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan
    Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana
    Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
    New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota
    Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania
    Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee
    Texas Utah Vermont Virginia
    Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

    Note: You do not need to pay for the interpreter’s airfare. Accomplished bilingual translator and interpreter is at your service, linking interactions between Russian and English speaking people, and is willing to travel to any other state at own expense if services of Russian Interpreter will be needed for the period of at least 5 days. (International travel might be possible as well. Please contact us at 619-888-8191 for further information).

Written Translations of:

  • Personal letters
  • Legal documents, including certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, death, etc.
  • Adoption materials
  • Education documents (diplomas, transcripts, etc.)
  • Any technical documents
  • Medical documents
  • Any other specialty vocabulary documents
  • Books and literature
  • Media items

Medical bilingual visa-free escort

  • If you need a person for an international medical escorts from America to Russia and the C.I.S. (Commonwealth of Independent States), such as all Russian speaking countries like: Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, etc., you came to the right place. I am a Registered Nurse in the USA and an interpreter with years of experience, and the most valuable thing is that I have a dual citizenship - Russian and American, which means that I can travel visa free at any time, and accompany any Russian speaking patient to his/her destination without a delay.

Simultaneous or Consecutive Oral Interpretations during:

  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Meetings of the government or military officials
  • Court hearings
  • Medical services
  • Business and finance discussions
  • Sport events
  • Scientific official meetings
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Social events
  • Telephonic conversations

Consecutive Interpretations

  • These are preferably used during official meetings with small groups of people. For example, when officials are exchanging their opinions and holding discussions on one to one bases. The interpreter interprets intermittently between speaker’s sentences or throughout short parts of speeches. The consecutive style of interpreting allows parties to comprehend a segment of speech in its entirety, therefore maintaining a sensible, meaningful dialogue.

Simultaneous Interpretations

  • These are most suited during large gatherings like conferences, or symposiums when interpreting is done at exactly the same time and pace as speakers deliver their speeches. During such events, interpreters usually are isolated from an audience and convey their services via microphones to the listening parties headsets. Simultaneous interpreting is time saving, and allows quicker delivery of words without interruptions to the speakers. Simultaneous interpreting requires higher proficiency and expertise. The concentration and interaction involved with simultaneous interpreting is more intensive, hence simultaneous interpreting is more expensive than consecutive interpreting.

Phone: 619-8888-191