This page is dedicated to the feedback from some of the grateful customers who utilized our Russian interpreting and translation services:

“Thank you, Svetlana.

You did a great job and kept your sense of humor when things got a little crazy. We were very fortunate to have people of your caliber to support us. The translations were a huge factor in making our Russian friends feel valued. I am most appreciative.”

John (Dusty) Kidd
Sitka National Park ranger
National Park Service,
International conference “Russian America” in Sitka. August, 2010

“Svetlana, hello!

Memories of our teamwork at the forum are only pleasant. By the opinion of the entire group your simultaneous interpretation was faultless. "

Sergey Y. Korovin,
Deputy Head
Open joint-stock company Surgutneftegaz (Russia)
2010 ESRI International User Conference. San Diego. July 2010

"Simultaneous interpretations of all technical presentations were quite fast. All phrases and sentences were logically completed despite an abundance of technical terms. That was very accurate and exact translation. It was very nice and interesting to work together. With given opportunity it would be my pleasure to work with you again."

Maxim Gnatovsky
Open joint-stock company Surgutneftegaz (Russia)
2010 ESRI International User Conference. San Diego. July 2010

“Hi Svetlana!

It was a pleasure working with you, and I would like to keep in touch. I hope to have you interpret for some of our future delegations.

Thank you again.”

Liudmila Starck
US-RFE Municipal Partnership Program
Foundation for Russian American Economic Cooperation (FRAEC)
Program Coordinator for the municipal exchange of the cities: Nevelsk, Sakhalin and Anchorage, Alaska. July 2010.

"I am extremely impressed by your experience in translating. Actually, I think it is your genuine and sincere interest in people that gives you the edge over your peers in that field of work. Your transcend translating and interpreting becomes a welcomed and integral part of the communication process."

Lieutenant Richard Lynch
Trinidad and Tobago
Participant of the HIV/AIDS, 8th Annual International Conference,
Defense Institute for Medical Operations,
San Antonio, Texas. December 2008

"Dear Svetlana!

Company Formika expresses enormous gratitude and sincere admiration for your help rendered during the forum MIPIM 2008 (The World’s Properties Market) in Cannes, France within the project "Regions of Russia".

The job has been executed at a high level, and all parties were happy from our joint work. We wish you success and we hope for further cooperation.
With sincere gratitude and the best regards on behalf of the company Formika,"

Anastasia Martinen
Formika (Moscow international relations company)
MIPIM 2008
Cannes, France

"Svetlana Potton and Irina Danielsen translated for an economic development exchange between Juneau, Alaska, and Luchegorsk and Bikin in the Russian Far East. They were wonderful to work with and literally made the exchange highly successful and productive. They not only provided outstanding translation services more than twelve hours per day, but helped our Russian guests navigate American culture and processes, while making sure that we recognized the personal and business needs of our guests. Both went the extra mile to make sure that the exchange was seamless and enjoyable."

Kevin Ritchie
Juneau, Alaska, City Manager, retired

"We have been well-satisfied with Svetlana Potton's work - she was reasonably priced, capable, flexible, and responsive. Furthermore, she worked professionally and efficiently with co-translators at our recent 3-day international CBMP workshop."

Maureen de Zeeuw
Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Anchorage, Alaska.

"It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Svetlana Potton for the position of interpreter at your facility… I have known Svetlana since 2002 when she first worked for me as an interpreter during an official trip to Petropovlask- Kamchatski. As the District Commander for the 17th Coast Guard District, I was responsible for negotiating working agreements with the Director of the Russian Federal Border Service in Kamchatka. This first official meeting occurred over the course of an entire week, and ranged from very formal, military settings requiring simultaneous and consecutive skills and informal social settings requiring tremendous situational flexibility. I realized during this first opportunity that Svetlana's skills were superior to other interpreters working with us...

Over the course of the next two years, I had two more official meetings with the Federal Border Service when General Lisinski visited the Coast Guard in Alaska and again when I visited General Vladimir Putov in P-K. Svetlana Potton was contracted on these occasions to serve as my personal interpreter. I was able to provide her with written documents which she quickly translated either from Russian to English, or English to Russian, with accuracy and an excellent sense of grammar and context. Ms. Potton also provided additional translation services to the Coast Guard during other technical working meetings requiring a broad understanding of technical jargon such as fisheries enforcement and legal adjudication terms. Always conscious of protocol, Ms. Potton served as an unofficial guide to insure our deportment was always flawless demonstrating a solid understanding of U.S. and Russian customs and military etiquette.

...I am convinced if you select Svetlana Potton, she will perform above your requirements and expectations.


James W. Underwood
Rear Admiral,
Director of Operations Policy,
U. S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington

"Dear Svetlana,
Thank you for your efforts in support of our recent bilateral meetings with the Russian Northeast Border Guard Directorate in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

Your energy and professionalism in support of this important mission were outstanding. Professional interpreters are critical to the success of building the USCG and Russian Border Guard relationship. Your service and attention to detail are commended and appreciated. I congratulate you on your significant contributions to this important Coast Guard International engagement effort.

Thanks for a job well done!

James C. Olson,
Rear Admiral, U. S. Coast Guard, Alaska Command.

"Svetlana Potton has worked on contract to the National Park Service many times in recent years in support of our Beringia international park program. A principal feature of our program is an annual Beringia Days Conference with participants from both the United States and Russia. All presentations are translated from Russian to English or vice versa, so that all attendees can participate. Ms. Potton has served as an expert interpreter for at least the last four or five of these conferences, both in Alaska and in Anadyr, Russia. She is skilled at both simultaneous and consecutive oral translation, and has also done written translation for us on specific projects.

Ms. Potton has a friendly disposition, and a very good work ethic. I would recommend her for any Russian translation jobs..."

Bob Gerhard
Beringia Program Coordinator,
National Park Services, Anchorage, Alaska.


I would like to thank you for the time you spent assisting PCU (Progressive Care Unit), the Cath Lab (Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory) and Dr. Balaban in caring for our patient and acting as his interpreter. You spent an enormous amount of your personal time, on your days off. You were able to develop a rapport with him that no one else was able to do, beyond the language barrier that existed. All involved were grateful for your assistance. We could not have accomplished what took place on Wednesday if you were not willing to participate.

Your willingness to go above and beyond exemplifies the Core Values of PAMC (Providence Anchorage Medical Center).

Again, thank you for your dedication."

Rob Peters, RN Clinical Manager PCU/Dialysis
Dr. K. Balaban, Cardiologist
Dr. Steve Compton, Cardiologist
Providence Hospital, Anchorage, Alaska

"From March 1 through 5, the second working meeting of lawyers took place in Honolulu, Hawaii between the USCG, NOAA, NMFS, Department of Justice, and the Northeast Regional Border Directorate of Russia... The representatives of the Russian delegation would like to express our great thanks for the selection of the interpreters, especially Svetlana Potton and Valentina Jimmerson.

Svetlana and Valentina proved to be not only competent and highly professional experts, but also, on their personal time, provided us with invaluable assistance in our dialogue with representatives of the American delegation, learning about American law, culture, and tradition...

With sincere gratitude and hope for future cooperation.


Colonel of Justice Alexei Monakov
Northeast Regional Border Directorate of Russia, Kamchatka Region, Russia.


Thanks so much for helping us with the Beringia Days in Anadyr. The translating job is so important to a successful conference, and you do an excellent job of it. I especially appreciate your positive attitude and your willingness to help out at all hours..".

Bob Gerhard
Director of the Beringia Program
National Park Services, Anchorage, Alaska

"Dear Sveta Potton,

Thank you for your tremendous support during the visit of the Northeast Regional Directorate, Federal Border Service of Russia to Alaska from 11-17 April 2003.

You can be very proud of the part you played in this event because you were essential to the accurate exchange of ideas between Coast Guard and Federal Border Service personnel. You helped put participants at ease and this made our meetings more productive…

Thanks again for your assistance!


Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard
Commander of the 17th District"

"Virtually everything we know about early Alaska history comes to us from Russia written in the Russian language. This book would not be possible were it not for assistance of many people, including the three "Russian-Americans" who translated much of it from Russian. They are in alphabetical order, Elena Farkas, Svetlana Potton and Katerina Solovjova. Alaska is much richer place due to the contributions from our neighbors, such as these three ladies, who are from the other side of the Bering Straight."

Jim Smith
Russia's Search for America 1716-1732
White Stone Press, Anchorage, Alaska 2002


I have been doing work as the Coast Guard's Russian Liaison Officer since June 1999. I sincerely regret that we have not utilized your services until this month. Admiral Barrett was extremely pleased with your work. From my vantage, you were a dream-come-true...excellent command of technical vocabulary, ability to translate simultaneously, very pleasant demeanor, situationally flexible, all parties enjoyed your presence, you put participants at ease, you did not draw attention to yourself. I will be happy to recommend you for additional work...

Again, thank you for a job well done; your work made us look good.


Bill Kasten
Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Coast Guard
Russian Liaison Officer, 17th Coast Guard District


...Bill's e-mail is very accurate, and it does not surprise me that Admiral Barret and the Coast Guard will be interested in hiring you again. There aren't many people with your skill-level...

All the Best!"

John Kane,
LTColonel, Marine Attache,
US Embassy, Moscow"

"Svetlana offers a highly professional translating service. I have been very pleased with her work. She has translated lots of messages for me, from Russian to English and vice versa. I appreciate her professional attitude and attention to detail.

Svetlana is largely responsible for my relationship with my fiancé. Svetlana has performed miracles for me. I have been fortunate to contract with her on several occasions."

Mark S.,
Anchorage, Alaska

"Re: Reason to recommend Svetlana Potton:

She is good at highly technical terms, good intuitive sense of what you want, and non-obtrusive. Just what a pro should be. She has been doing translation for USCG, Nat. Park Service, US Fish & Wildlife (if I recall correctly), and other government agencies.

This means she is "pre-qualified" in terms of knowing how to handle US Govt "billing" issues. Moreover, she specializes to a fair degree in scientific Russian translations. Her English is exceptional/unaccented, and she is a pleasant and charming person I can recommend for your proposed visit to Kamchatka."

Dr. Phil McGillivary,
USCG Icebreaker Science Liaison

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