Oral Interpreting features exceptional consecutive and simultaneous interpreting during official meetings, social events, including telephonic conversations. Interpreting for travel is also offered. The use of specialized interpreting during verbal communique with foreign associates is a powerful way to demonstrate and deliver meaningful dialogue, in-turn achieving common goals and enhancing international relations.

Three way conference telephone calls or skype:

  • Interpreting for 2-3 or more people involved in private or official conversation from different locations in the USA and Russia
  • Interpreting for patients and medical staff via telephone during medical services in the USA or Russia
  • Interpreting via phone during court hearings and trials

Social events:

  • Interpreter services at non-official meetings conducted in casual settings such as dinners, receptions, etc.
  • Interpreting during sporting events
  • Interpreting for city tours
  • Interpreting services during shopping
  • Interpreting during entertainment events for adults or children
Official events:

  • Conferences, symposiums, workgroups in Legal, Business, Medical, Fisheries, Sports, Science, Military, Oil industry etc.
  • Service for official government delegations
  • Service for official military delegations
  • Providing interpreter services for court hearings, court trials etc.
  • Medical appointments (2 hours minimum charge)

or Flat fee: $499.95/day;
$449.00/day (for an additional interpreter)

or Flat fee: $650.00/day
$600.00/day (for an additional interpreter)
Field Trips:

  • Accompaniment by an interpreter for official groups traveling in the USA or Russia, and to other English speaking or Russian speaking countries
  • Interpreter services for private travel in the USA or Russia, and to other English speaking or Russian speaking countries
Flat fee:
Services of an additional associate interpreter

Phone: 619-8888-191
E-mail: spottonmax@aol.com